News Roundup

Not a very eventful week for movie news, but we were given a few gems here and there.

  • Wired unveiled are first official look at Duncan Jones’ Warcraft with a picture of Ogrim the Orc (Robert Kazinsky). I love it. He looks like a mean, green, fighting machine ready to go and slay. Watch out, ladies (or men, we don’t know who he’s into).
  • Another war is brewing, as Collider unofficially confirmed the official title of the next chapter of the Planet of the Apes series will be WAR of the Planet of the Apes. This is a smart move for Fox, as they aggressively try to win generic title bingo.
  • In other title news, mastermind George Miller confirmed that Mad Max: The Wasteland is intended to be the title of the next Mad Max film. No other details were shared, but it is already confirmed to be the next decade-defining action film.
  • Alcon Entertainment announced that Roger Deakins will be the cinematographer for their upcoming Blade Runner I have no jokes for this, it’s just really great news.
  • Good news for people who still remember the film World War ZAccording to Variety, Paramount has set June 9, 2017 as the release date for the film’s sequel.
  • Finally, in a surprising twist, Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios have released behind-the-scenes featurettes for their upcoming films, Suicide Squad and Captain America: Civil War, respectively. The featurettes include set photos revealing costumes and muffled set videos showcasing action sequences and what look like pivotal moments in their movies. Be sure to share it with each of your Twitter followers!

Trailer of the Week

This trailer blew me away. This trailer builds off my interest that came from the first trailer with visually-stunning VFX shots and beautiful looking sequences that promise a tentpole film with a creative flare. There are a lot of VFX shots in there, and I have trust that they won’t go overboard with it. Warner Bros. has proven their ability to trust the filmmaker’s vision of the project, and I think that’s the case here with director Joe Wright. Again, beautiful and vibrant looking sequences are shown, Jackman and Hedlund look great as Blackbeard and Hook, respectively, Mara is kicking ass in the trailer, and multiple Cara Delevinge mermaids. It looks like a fun, creative blockbuster, and I can’t wait to see it in the theatre.

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