Last week, CityLab pondered which fictional cities they’d put down roots if given the chance. Some of the usual suspects emerged—Sesame Street, Whoville—along with some unusual picks, like the Los Angeles of Blade Runner (good food, vibrant nightlife, can be crowded, would visit again. Three stars).

I currently live in the Brooklyn of Broad City (and have also overspent at the Gowanus Whole Foods), but it got me thinking about my own picks. I’ll throw a few out, but frankly, reading your answers would be more fun:

  • The San Diego of Three’s Company (the zoo, terrycloth rompers encouraged, see more of Don Knotts).
  • The English drawing rooms of Pride & Prejudice (nb: BBC version only) to hang out with the Bingley sisters.
  • Linklater’s Austin, but most specifically the version in Dazed and Confused because, sincerely, there is nothing more romantic than being a teenager running around your hometown after dark.

So tell us, you’ve got all the locales of cinematic and television history before you. WYD?

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Featured Image: Gramercy Pictures