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The familiar silhouette was enough to still me into silence as the trailer for Selma opened up. The release of Selma is eerily timely with reports of white police brutality against black citizens, the list growing and justice being far from heard. It’s not a nightmare from America’s distant past, but an ongoing reality. Selma is imperative in today’s current environment as a means to open up conversation about race instead of shying away from a topic that may be uncomfortable. Racism is not a human rights issue that will disappear. David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King, Jr. displays a command and emotionally engaging nature; his entire performance in Selma is one to be witnessed.


After reading Katherine’s piece Will It Make A Good Film: All You Zombies (Predestination), Predestination had to be on the list of movies I’ll check out. Katherine’s reaction of mild confusion, due to the relatively quick nature of the story, peaks my interest. Whenever someone messes with the dimension of time, the situation exponentially grows in a complicated fashion; sounds worthy of messing with the brain a bit. Predestination will also be available on iTunes on January 9th if you can’t check it out at your local movie theater.


Do you remember those irrationally large textbooks in English class that contained a mishmash of literary works? After watching the trailer for Preservation, I was sent back to my English class listening to a peer read aloud “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell. Animals are no longer the desired prey; a target that is more cunning and intellectual will only suffice: humans. A group of three adults take a weekend camping/hunting trip only to turn into the hunted. It’s a movie about survival against the most dangerous predator to walk the earth: man.

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