BluRays/DVDs I’ll Check Out:

The Overnighters

What could possibly be in North Dakota besides Fargo? Money. Hope. Life. I wanted to watch more documentaries this year, and I started with The Overnighters. Displaced by the lack of affordable housing, the characters find shelter with the help of a local pastor. This is one of the many stories spoken, yet unheard, overshadowed by the grandeur of Hollywood effects. I want to hear the stories containing the ability to make me feel something beyond general happiness, a film showcasing the many and invisible struggles within America.

Video Games: The Movie

Videos games created a culture. Video Games: The Movie uproots the origins of that culture to reveal a new beginning in an entertainment revolution. Aspiring video game makers may be surprised to find heavy mathematics and physics components as the fundamental skills for a background in the video game industry, but it makes sense. The realism behind a game magnifies connectedness. But, judging from the preview, right off the bat, there is a discrepancy and misrepresentation in the population: girl gamers. Perhaps the trailer is misleading and the documentary features more insights from a woman’s perspective. We’ll see. I said I’m hitting up the documentaries hard this year, and I wasn’t kidding. Video Games: The Movie is also available on Netflix.

Netflix Movie I’ll Check Out:

Gimme Shelter (Not based off of The Rolling Stones)


Gimme Shelter, Roadside Attractions, 2013

Post Suckerpunch and post-post High School Musical Vanessa Hudgens might have possibly found her niche with indie dramas. Stripped from the limitations of playing a brothel girl and a high school golden child, the rawness that translates in her Gimme Shelter performance is enough to convince me she is not another sad byproduct of a declining Disney generation. In Gimme Shelter, Hudgens plays Apple, a young, pregnant teenager traveling from foster homes, to her reserved and distant father’s estate. Audiences have criticized the film’s lack of progressive theme (Hudgens’ character questionably chooses to keep her baby). This feedback is somewhat alarming. The value of this film comes in a woman making a decision for her own well-being. This film movie holds potential in changing my views of Hudgens.

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