Movie I Am Looking Forward to Watching:

Fast and the Furious 7


Fast and the Furious 7, Universal Pictures, 2015

It’s one of those weeks with nothing else to look forward to but Furious 7. Thank goodness for Furious 7, the clash of unreal and real. The chase scenes and stunts we would never see on the speedway except upon the screen. The cast is culturally diverse; I know I bring this up often. However, I also actively search for movies with a diverse host of characters. Scrolling through endless movies on Netflix, all I see is white. In the top ten grossing movies of 2015, the bottom three is when we start seeing some color. The Furious franchise has always offered a temporary thrill that resurfaces every time I enter my car, as if I would take the risk to go beyond 100 on the highway.

Blu-ray/DVD I’ll Check Out:

The Immigrant

It looks beautiful. Although taking place during the 1920s, the music has a gypsy beat, perhaps to trace back to Ewa’s background, which is somewhat haunting. I can’t say as to what in particular is drawing me to this movie. It holds a promise of something greater, unable to be captured in the trailer alone. There is a sense that Ewa has landed in a trap, set by a hunter during an opportune moment of weakness meant to leverage his position. How does Ewa escape? Is she able to escape? Little is said in the trailer, leaving imagination to take hold and pull the plot whichever way the mind wants to twist and bend it.

The Voices

The Voices looks hilariously twisted, like one of those friends who is funny but doesn’t realize it and is confused as to why people laugh. It’s like The Voices directly pinpoints the odd and sometimes morbid thoughts that cross our minds. With a trio consisting of Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick, and Gemma Arterton, I know I’ll find the comedic relief I seek. If anything, it has cute animals. Anything with cute animals is a winner, right? This week is another limited released on both the theatrical and DVD front. Next week, I’ll followup with my threat and seek solace in Hulu.

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