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Amy Winehouse’s voice still makes me stop and listen. It’s hauntingly beautiful, and she is a singer who most certainly left this Earth far too early, overcome by drug and alcohol abuse. While I don’t usually watch music documentaries, I cannot pass this one up. On July 23rd, it will be four years since her passing, and as listeners of a recording artist and icon, we always want more of something we love. In this case, though, it appears as though we kept on taking until she had nothing else to give.


After years of living a seemingly fruitful life (married, 20 plus years of steady employment, and a beautiful home) Nolan Mack (Robin Williams) feels his true sexual identity stirring after meeting a young man. While I’m hesitant to watch this movie, as it still feels too soon to be watching anything starring Robin Williams again, I remember talking to someone who, likewise, couldn’t stand to watch Mrs. Doubtfire (not yet at least), which I’m going to read as a sign that I need to watch this movie regardless of any personal heavy heartedness on my end. In Boulevard‘s intensely personal scenario (a happily married, heterosexual man discovering his latent homosexuality) is not common, but it is not unheard of, either. All too often though, the subject is featured in a comedic manner, like in Beginners. Boulevard appears less so, focusing instead on Mack trying to retain a relationship with his wife, while simultaneously attempting to build a new one, which is a fitting swan song for Williams as an actor, a performer, and a human being.

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Last week was a winner when I decided to watch Sarah’s recommendation, Exam (ugh, I answered the question in my head; it was right there). Given the limited DVD and Netflix releases (I already watched Ex Machina, and I’m still easing myself into horror movies, but It Follows is out, too.), I figured it was fitting to give another Hidden Gem from our site a viewing. This week, it’s Ryan’s recommendation: G.B.F. I am giving this one a shot because I think Ryan and I have different tastes in movies in general, but despite this fact, he has made me more open-minded to see a movie that I might have otherwise overlooked when scrolling through my Netflix feed (consider it added to my queue).

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