Movies I Am Looking Forward to Watching:

Terminator: Genisys

For a huge holiday weekend (with many 9-to-5 drones kicking Friday, July 3rd off) the new theater releases are too few. Well, relatively speaking, there are none at all, as both Magic Mike XXL and Terminator Genisys were the sole theatrical releases this past Wednesday (and I’m not one who finds enjoyment in watching half-naked, muscle-bound men dance). Maybe if Brock O’Hurn had a minor role alongside Channing Tatum, I might be convinced (key word being, might). That being said, Terminator Genisys, it is (I may have been subconsciously swayed by June’s Loot Crate (featuring a half-scale model of the skull and brain chip keychain, that stinks of behind-the-scenes promotion). I do remember having somewhat fond memories of watching the earlier Terminator installments as a kid though, and, at the time I thought the bullets being pushed forth from Robert Patrick’s back as he regenerated was pretty cool, so perhaps I’ll see if there is another one of those “cool” moments for me to remember Genisys for. 

DVD I’ll Check Out:


I feel like if I don’t watch a wartime movie, I would not be celebrating the Fourth of July correctly, aside from barbeque, fireworks, and booze. To me, it seems like a cross between The Book Thief (in regards to a man in hiding), and Saving Private Ryan (in regards to the whole leave-no-man-behind thing). I have not heard of a movie that focuses on the religious divide between Catholics and Protestants, however, and ’71 takes place amidst the unrest in a Belfast town, one of many stories I have not heard. I’ll check this out, since Ryan issued it such a high grade, and I’m still going to watch Independence Day. ‘Murica!

Netflix Hidden Gem I’ll Check Out:


There aren’t any movies being released on Netflix this week. I thought I would watch a movie recommended by Sarah the Redhead. I only read a portion from her Netflix Hidden Gem review, and had to stop because that was all it took to interest me. I had to stop watching the two-minute long trailer halfway through, because who knows what that would reveal. The central allure of this movie (for me) is the similarity it holds to Circle. Trapped in a room with strangers? Check. Time limit? Check. Trying to find out the film’s central narrative question? Check. Someone will die? Most likely. I can’t turn away from a suspense movie, and that’s the kind of apprehension I don’t mind.

Theatrical Releases:

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Blu-ray/DVD Releases for Tuesday, July 7:

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