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A part of me has a soft spot for the rainforest. I blame a little laminated picture I had as a kid. One side had cute and vibrant poison dart frogs. On the other, a message along the lines of “Save Us.” I also blame playing Amazon Trail in computer class. Oh, and Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, that movie is equally to blame. Taking place in the Argentinian rainforest (not the Amazon, but close enough) a mysterious man helps avenge the death of a farmer. I would like to think that this movie is about how the natives are protecting their lands from encroaching explorers, due to one particular scene, but I have my reservations about the scale of Kai, the mysterious stranger, and Vania’s actions.

Mr. Holmes

Flashback to two months ago…
Volunteer: “We’re not selling advanced tickets for that one anymore.”
Me: “Oh…”
Volunteer: “But if you aren’t able to watch it, I’m sure it will come out in theaters…”
I could see she hoped ardently for my disappointment to remain as such and not transform into anger. I let it pass and now, I am elated to see it has actually made it to a limited theater release. Mr. Holmes, as the name implies, is about Sherlock Holmes. Unlike the previous Sherlock movie adaptations and BBC’s series that document the prime of his detective days, we see Sherlock in his much later years, post-retirement. However, there is still one case unresolved. Through his deteriorating memory, he attempts to close the case before the he reaches his own end.


I’ve watched the trailer countless times and have laughed to myself upon every viewing. Amy and promiscuity are synonymous until a magazine assignment leaves her thinking otherwise. The best kind of humor for me, is the kind that is true with a painful/embarrassing initial event and then an optimistic or completely brutal hindsight. Trainwreck is the pre-comedy show. I think women can find a little part of themselves in Amy. I know I do.

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