Overview: Lou, an alcoholic cop, gets cursed to be a werewolf. That’s it. 2014; StudioCanal; Rated R; 79 mins

Checklist: If you took a bunch of 16 year old boys, gave them cameras, a budget, a cast, and told them to make a movie about anything they wanted, this would be that movie.  I can imagine these boys making a checklist: Beautiful bartenders with big breasts who dress like Little Red Riding Hood? Check. Comic relief sidekick? Check. Souped-up muscle car with a giant W sprayed onto the hood? Check. a gang of crooks called The Piggies? Check. Puns? Check. Sex scene set to 80s sounding soft rock? Check. Over the top violence? Check, check, check.

poster2Of course a movie this ridiculous lives and dies on how serious it takes itself, so it’s lucky that this film is very aware that it is midnight monster B-movie. The plot is paper-thin and simply window dressing for a washed up cop to become a wolf and decide that while he’s a wolf he will fight crime. There are plenty of jokes and gross out moments (the first time Lou turns into a wolf the transformation begins with a certain part of the male anatomy) to keep you from rolling your eyes too hard at the fact you are watching a movie called Wolfcop.

Effects: The transformation scenes, while not American Werewolf in London good, are well handled. The idea that the wolf version of Lou, oh screw it, the idea that Wolfcop is under Lou’s skin and needs to shed this skin to be revealed is handled effectively with a lot of skin tearing with horrible sound effects. The actual make-up of the finished wolf isn’t stellar and looks like a Halloween mask, but this does allow Wolfcop to speak and, sorta, emote. Oh, did I not mention that Wolfcop can speak? Yep, that’s something this movie has over a lot of other werewolf films.

A lot of the effects budget seems to have gone on how realistic they can make the scenes of Wolfcop ripping a thug’s face off (FYI very realistic, and oddly hilarious) or the other scenes of bloody mayhem the wolf delivers as he tries to clean up his town and face off against the occultists responsible for his condition.

Overall: This movie is what it is. It’s got a good hang of how strange it is and how irreverent it needs to be, and it tap dances on the line between laughing with it and laughing at it. The best thing is with this movie is I now have a trilogy of werewolf comedies to watch (should I ever need that) with this movie, Dog Soldiers and American Werewolf in London. Not sure what it is about werewolves and comedy but it seems to be working pretty well.