In 1971 the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as “Women’s Equality Day.” The observance of Women’s Equality Day commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment that allowed women to finally vote and calls attention to women’s continuing efforts toward complete equality.

We here at Audiences Everywhere are lucky to work with a group of talented, empathetic, thoughtful, and endlessly supportive men and women. Part of what makes this site special is the way that we are always striving to be better, to expand our thinking, to further understand and appreciate the art form that is filmmaking, and to make the film world a more equal and representative place for everyone.

In the spirit of these efforts on this historic day, Audiences Everywhere will only publish articles written by women, edited by women, and written about women and gender-focused issues. To continue our efforts toward equality and to make a purposeful statement about how much women can accomplish, our talented men will take a step back and allow our women to control the narrative on this day.

This move is not meant to ostracize men in any way, nor suggest that they shouldn’t be part of the conversation. Instead we mean to acknowledge and emphasize the fact that there is a problem in this industry. To this day the vast majority of writers, directors, studio heads, cinematographers, and characters on screen are men. Things are changing, but they aren’t changing quickly enough. Think of the countless important stories we’re missing out on because women aren’t given equal opportunities to create.

Last year the women of AE brought you stories about pregnancy in film, flaws in the Bechdel Test, the idea of the “cool girl” in Gone Girl, the gender gap in children’s programming, and more. This year, we plan to bring you similarly engaging and thought-provoking articles.

We hope you enjoy what we have planned, and we sincerely hope you’ll join us in pushing for equality in this industry that we love so much.

– The women of Audiences Everywhere