The WB panel at SDCC unveiled the first trailer for Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman!


First of all, the trailer looks gorgeous! We all suspected Patty Jenkins had something special in store, but WOW. Each frame in that trailer is bursting with life, and the brightness of Wonder Woman’s costume and lasso offsets the dreary nature of World War I. While some of the actions scenes still look reminiscent of Snyder’s speed-ramping (not a bad thing) Jenkins is clearly delivering her own visual style in this movie.

There’s also a dry wit on display, particularly coming from Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. I’m sold on the chemistry between he and Gal Gadot just in those few brief minutes we were treated too. Even better is the fact that while the film will have a romantic angle, Diana is still depicted as a strong, independent woman. Wonder Woman looks like it will lean into its feminism and that couldn’t be better!

While we’re only given the barest of hints at the story (Danny Huston seems like a likely candidate for Ares) Wonder Woman is certainly shaping up to be one of the best films of 2017 and I can’t imagine anyone, regardless of feelings about the DCEU or Zack Snyder so far, passing up the chance to bask in the glory of Wonder Woman.


Featured Image: Warner Bros.