The Bryan Singer X-Men movies are not for me. They are for general audiences who were uncomfortable with the ideas of superhero wearing bright spandex. Post-Matrix garb of black leather and battle armor, the Singer version of X-Men have all but forgotten the rejuvenated X-Men: First Class approach of bright color palettes and sense of fun you get when reading an X-Men comic.

If you’re into this version of the popular Marvel characters, more power to you. It just seems odd in a year where Deadpool continued the trend leftover from First Class – in that we have a movie fully embracing its comic book roots – that it appears X-Men: Apocalypse doesn’t take advantage of its 1980s setting, the dour setting has fully returned to the franchise, and no sign of the camaraderie I associate with the characters.

As a lifelong X-Fan, I have trouble recognizing any of these characters from the series. They’re the film version of these characters, and I’m open to different interpretations, but at what point do these characters stop being their characters? Why make Beast into a ripoff of Hulk? I’m not mad. I’m just confused and I’d like answers.

One point I do like the trailer making: Mystique is leading the team of mutants in the fight against Apocalypse. Why? I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s the sort of different I can get behind. There’s a 99% chance they have Mystique lead the team because Jennifer Lawrence is box office steroids but I like the idea here. There’s not a single hint of her character leading up to this moment from previous installments, but count me in on this.

We’ll find out how X-Men: Apocalypse does in all these storytelling regards when it hits theaters on May 27, 2016.


Featured image: 20th Century Fox