I like being scared. Particularly in October. The problem with that hobby is that there is not always a horror movie available to get the job done.

We live in a world of mass media, of endless accessible imagery and sound and information. Being scared is easy, and to prove it, I’ve collected ten absolutely terrifying (but Safe for Work) YouTube videos that you can watch anytime you feel the need for goosebumps or nightmares:

The Blackburn Ghost

This footage was taken by two men on a stretch of road in Blackburn, England which is purported to be haunted by the ghost of an executed monk. Many believe that the footage is a hoax, but the terror in the voice of the passenger as he tells the driver to drive backwards certainly sounds real.

I Feel Fantastic

Many explanations exist for this video. Some say the filmmaker ordered a robot, murdered his wife, and dressed the robot in her clothes. Other say the video showcases manipulated mannequins wearing the clothes of a serial killer’s victims. More reasonable minds say that it’s probably just a a performance piece. We’ll let you decide… (Suggested by [twitter-follow username=”NathanFrontiero” scheme=”dark”])

Body of a Pig

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is always sketchy. Ghost hunting television shows love to throw text up on the screen as they review awkward and inaudible blurbs, letting the power of suggestion fool the viewer, but there is something eerie about this clip…

Little Baby’s Ice Cream “This is a Special Time”

This is an actual commercial by a legitimate ice cream commercial. Somehow, that makes this even scarier.

Rubber Johnny

Aphex Twin has a reputation for jarring, violent, and creepy videos, but none is as haunting as this one.

Creeper in My Apartment

When YouTube user biljj nyc suspected that his girlfriend was eating snacks late at night, he set up a security camera. What he captured was something far less cute…

Dining Room or There is Nothing

Dining Room or There is Nothing is a performance art piece from david earle meant to be played on a loop but anyone who can sleep after watching it twice in a row is a braver person than I. (Suggested by [twitter-follow username=”TheRyanMacLean” scheme=”dark”])

Hotel Ghost

Another supernatural snapshot with only vague supporting evidence. Allegedly, the providers of the video cannot share specifics of which hotel hosted this event.

The Mysterious Stranger

This video is actually older than YouTube. This segment pulled from Will Vinton’s 1985 claymation film The Adventures of Mark Twain follows Mark and his young travel companions as they make a visit to The Mysterious Stranger. Fair warning: I honestly don’t think anything in my entire life has scared me as much and haunted me as long as the cold tone in which the stranger delivers the line “People are of no value. We could make more sometime… if we need them.”

Two Most Important Crop Circles 

And let’s end with some good ol’ fashioned apocalyptic paranoia! This Jaime Maussan lecture and the accompanying text should tell you everything you need to know in order to be utterly freaked out.