Overview: A group’s weekend getaway is ruined when a pack of zombie beavers attack. 2015; Freestyle Digital Media; Rated R; 85 mins

A Dam Fun Movie: The title and cover art are enough to give you an idea of how ridiculous this movie is, and the movie itself certainly lives up to it. Zombeavers is ridiculously stupid, which oddly makes it really enjoyable. The writers go all the way with this concept, conjuring up outlandish creatures for entertainment and keeping offbeat with other films of this genre to keep things energized. The cast keep the fun rolling, with mediocre actors playing stereotypically dumb teenagers, which makes for really fun deaths.

However, the movie sometimes slows down and takes its characters and subplots seriously, which ended up making for scenes that are boring standouts. Those scenes put spotlight on aspects of a film that would typically be poorly done in a film of this genre, feeling more like the failed Friday the 13th than the rabidly fun Sharknado.

Beaver Fever: The beavers were made of animatronics instead of CGI, so the film looked like a Walking Dead episode of Sesame Street. It may have made it more funny than scary, but it was worth it, seeing all the actors pretending to be scared over a stuffed creatures. There are plenty of outlandish WTF moments to be had, especially towards the end of the film.

Overall: “That’s gnarly,” one of the teenagers says after his friend is chewed up by a zombie beaver. That line pretty much encapsulates this entire movie. The film’s craziness and irreverence make it a really fun watch full of dumb entertainment.

Rating: C