We’re a few months out from seeing whether or not Zoolander 2 is actually a good idea. Time has proven otherwise in the past when it comes to sequels of previously acclaimed comedies, such as Anchorman 2:The Legend Continues and Dumb and Dumber To, but for now we have a pretty funny trailer. If you don’t find this funny, I’m sure we can all appreciate what it has to show us with its utilization of supporting stars. Justin Bieber is murdered by motorcycle assassins, Benedict Cumberbatch makes a surprise appearence, and Ben Stiller reprises his role as the greatest male model in history as Derek Zoolander, alongside Owen Wilson as Hansel McDonald. Will Ferrell also returns as the nefarious Mugatu, sporting a muscle suit making him as imposing as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, thus proving that prison has definitely changed him, and now he’s bad to the bone.

Penelope Cruz also stars as an Interpol agent tracking assassinations of the world’s most beautiful people who sport the signature Blue Steel look as their last act on earth. Plus, Kanye West is supposed to appear in this movie, so I can only hope Derek and Hansel stop these assassinations before they reach Lord Yeezus. However, if Yeezus does die, that only means we’ll be afforded the opportunity of seeing Kanye go full Derek Zoolander.

See the first official trailer below:

Zoolander 2 hits theaters February 12th, 2016.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures